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17th International Archaeological Festival of the Bidasoa

From 20th to 25th of November 2017, Amaia Kultur Zentroa and CBA, Irun


The program of the 17th International Archaeological Film Festival of the Bidasoa is availabe on its web or you can download it in pdf.


What is Oiasso Museum?

An archaeological museum that houses the collection of Roman remains found in Irun, the Oiasso mentioned from Roman sources. Its aim is to provide knowledge about the archaeological inheritance of the area and to become the reference point for providing knowledge and spreading the word about the Roman era in the Bay of Biscay.

The Museum is also a development space for cultural activities regarding Ancient History and Archaeology.
Map with the localization of Oiasso
Map with the localization of Oiasso

Museo Romano OIASSO
c/ Eskoleta, 1 - 20302 IRUN
Tel.: +34 943 63 93 53 - info-oiassomuseo@irun.org