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XIV International song contest Luis Mariano
11 - 14 july 2018 | Irun - Gipuzkoa (Spain)
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Concurso Canto Luis Mariano - Irun

Biografical notes

Centenario Luis Mariano
Luis Mariano

Luis Mariano was born in Irun on august 13, 1.914. Beginning in his early childhood, he showed a great interest in music and film. His fondness became enthusiasm when the film producer René Barberis, who was shooting the film “Ramuntxo,” paid a visit to Bordeaux. The chorale in which Luis Mariano took part, the Eresoinka Chorale, participates in the shooting and our artist, in spite of the difficult times in which he lives, steps out of his anonymity. He enrolls in the School of Fine Arts in Bordeaux.

As a student, Luis Mariano subsists thanks to a job in the Cabaret Le Caveau where he sings every night. Here he meets André Varon, a young French businessman enamored by the art of song, with whom he created a solid friendship and who was the one who helped Luis financially in his beginning years and in his first trips to Paris.

In the same time period he also begins to sing, with the orchestra of Raphael Cenario, tropical rhythms and smooth tangos “in the style of Gardel.” With them, he will record his first record as a soloist. In only a short while, he started to become more famous than his teachers and his solo record becomes golden in Argentina.

In 1.939, he enrolls in the Conservatory of Music of Bordeaux and leaves behind Fine Arts. He now dedicates his time to song and to the opera. Upon seeing his talents, Luis is introduced to the celebrated tenor Miguel Fontecha. He moves to Paris and enrolls in La Comedie Française to perform with Maurice Esconde.

Luis Mariano presents himself to substitute a tenor in the comic opera “Don Pasquale” de G. Donizetti, with success. In Paris and the French provinces he performs Puccini´s three most celebrated operas: La Bohème, Tosca, and Madame Butterfly.

In 1.945, with the debut of “La Belle de Cadix,” he enters the world of stardom. In 1.948, he goes on tour in Casablanca and Rabat, later will arrive success throughout the world: Madrid, Lisbon, Canada, Mexico, etc.

By 1.959,Luis Mariano had already interpreted 23 films and sold more than 5 million records. His popularity was immense and he competed in France with Chevalier, La Piaft, and Montand.

He died on july 14th, 1.970 when he was 55 in Paris at the Salpêtrière Hospital.


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