Martindozenea Youth Hostel
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MARTINDOZENEA Youth Hostel - Irun

Free WiFi service in the hostel

Irun town council offers public Internet access services using WiFi wireless technology using the 802.11b/g/a standard, built on an open source Debian GNU/Linux platform.

WiFi services for indoor municipal spaces.

This gives completely free access to all users of these services with their own portable equipment (laptop or PDA), providing unlimited access to the Internet (following the logical set of usage conditions to make sure that users do not undertake illegal operations).

Depending on each installation’s occupancy, limits are set for permitted daily usage time.

MARTINDOZENEA YOUTH HOSTEL - Avda. Elizatxo, 18 - T. +34 943 62 10 42 -
Irungo Udala - Ayuntamiento de Irun