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Irun is enclosed at the easternmost part of the Basque Country, on the border with France (French Basque Country) and Navarre.

It is on top of the Txingudi Bay formed by the Bidasoa river mouth. Hendaya and Hondarribia do belong also to this natural area and both possess beatiful beaches. The bay is very beatiful and of high ecological value thanks to the high degree of harmony reached between human development and the respect to the natural environment. To this respect we can stress that Irun is located between two different ecological spaces of high interest.

Txingudi Bay


The Natural Park of Peñas de Aya in a mountainous area: A mountain massif surrounded by forests, valleys and waterfalls from which all the bay can be seen. In that area, also the roman mines of Arditurri can be visited.

Peñas de Aia


The ecological park of Playaundi in the Txingudi Bay: The variety of the ecosystems living in Txingudi explains it´s key ecologic situation. In this bay, there are sea-shores, beaches, coastal dunes, mud-flats and river beds. Each of them is different from the rest as far as the environmental conditions the flora and the fauna that inhabit them are concerned.

The ecological park of Playaunadi


Irun is a border city, at a very important communication point, so the access to other areas is very easy: the jewels on the Gipuzkoan coast (Hondarribia, Getaria, Zarautz...) and the french basque coast (Hendaya, Biarritz, Bayonne...) and the big natural reserves in Navarre (forests, mountaint villages). Not to forget the well known basque cooking, the cultural (Guggenheim Museum, Chillida Leku) and leisure (Saint Sebastian Aquarium, Science museum) centers.

This is a priviledged placement which allows the practice of a large variety of sports and outdoor leisure: trekking, mountain bike, surf, canoeing, diving, horse riding, etc…

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