Martindozenea Youth Hostel
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MARTINDOZENEA Youth Hostel - Irun

Temporary close of
Martindozenea youth hostel

Martindozenea lodging youth hostel of Irun will be close to the users next five October 2015 for to be open in 2017.

As soon as possible it will post the date of opening.

Once open, we will be providing all our usual services and will accept all additional reservations until all beds are filled.

In the meantime, for further information or to make a reservation, please contact us at

Main façade of the Hostel
Front of the hostel
Façade and gardens
Hostel gardens
Façade coat of arms
Bedroom with bunks
Sitting room
Main corridor
MARTINDOZENEA YOUTH HOSTEL - Avda. Elizatxo, 18 - T. +34 943 62 10 42 -
Irungo Udala - Ayuntamiento de Irun